Wireless-large scale, security, design, build

From scoping the network to sticking the wires in the walls to performing threat assessment and security testing, our team are network masters. We’ve built wireless networks that cover acres of ground, supporting hundreds of endpoints. We’ve built server environments operating at over 80Gb (not a typo), with 10Gb to the desk becoming more and more of a standard for our heavy hitters. Who wouldn’t like that kind of speed?

We analyze performance and create “heat maps” to determine which wireless areas need a boost, and which users need a smack on the wrist to make sure there’s enough bandwidth for everyone.
In addition, our experience working directly with architects ensures that your server room is the right size, that the power and cooling is up to snuff and there are enough network drops at each desk.

The network is the second most important component of any technology plan (with your Backup being the most important, thanks for asking). Get the network right the first time and enjoy everything that this hyper-connected world has to offer.

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