MFA on Office365: a Basic Primer

In my previous article, I went through some of the high-level reasons why you should (need!) to deploy MFA (Multi-Factor […]

Meet the Classic Car Club

For the past five years, Valiant has been a proud member of the Classic Car Club in Manhattan and we’d […]

The Valiant Way, aka, The Tao of Valiant

(Tao means “Way”, by the way for those not in the know) We are a tribe, not a team We […]

Spring Playlist

Spring is here! It’s a time when the days begin to get longer, the weather becomes more enjoyable, and the […]

Delta and Dignity: How to Re-Accommodate the Right Way

McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, 3/20/15 “Sir, these tickets are for yesterday…” Linda at the Delta counter said, slowly, with regret. […]

Multi Factor Authentication

MFA? Master of Fine Arts… Unfortunately, there is nothing artistic about MFA, besides the histrionics caused by not using it […]

Recap: Retail IT VAR of The Future 2017

Photo credit: Jim Roddy (@Jim_Roddy) of @Vantiv Trying to mix a family vacation with an important trade show is never […]

Social Engineering: How to Spot Common Phishing Attacks

Social engineering, the exploitation of human psychology, is nothing new; from the Trojan Horse to today’s 419 email scams, conmen […]

Cloud Computing: Asking What, Not How

Writing blog posts is always easier said than done. I have written, and rewritten, this post over and over again. […]

From the Valiant Lounge: Apple Advancements?

Tom Clancy, President of Valiant Technology discusses the lack of innovation displayed by Apple since the death of Steve Jobs. […]