The Valiant Way, aka, The Tao of Valiant

The Valiant Way
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(Tao means “Way”, by the way for those not in the know)

We are a tribe, not a team
We are curious, always growing
We do the right thing, and we do it now
We. Are. Awesome.
We are Valiant.


What does all that mean?

The Valiant Way isn’t just some concept crafted by a lone maniacal CEO, isolated in a tower from his staff on the front lines. Rather, The Valiant Way was actually crafted BY the Valiant staff as a way to establish and commit our philosophy to paper, with principles we can be proud of, something we can refer to and take guidance from. When confronted with an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation, The Valiant Way offers some guidance to help make effective and…Valiant decisions. Below is a recap of each line, and an extrapolation of what all this is about. Read on.

We are a tribe, not a team:

We aren’t just a team. Teams are bound by paychecks more than by brotherhood.

We aren’t a family. Families HAVE to stay connected, even if drunk Uncle Fred ruins every meal, you have to have him back next year.

Not so with a tribe. You are in the tribe because you are awesome, and the tribe benefits from you and suffers without you. You are in the tribe because you match our tribe’s vision and together we battle towards a common horizon.

In a tribe, we are bound by the blood we shed, not our blood type.

In a tribe, we are bound by CHOICE. We choose to be together, as close as any family, but without the obligation to tolerate those that don’t comply with the rest of the Tao.

We are curious, always growing:

Intellectual curiosity. This is the greatest trait a member of our tribe can have. We value an insatiable thirst for knowledge above all. We are all of us readers, thinkers, speakers, writers, singers, poets, artists, mothers, fathers. We live to create an example of ever increasing skill. When our firm was founded way back in 2002, we could not service Active Directory at all. We had zero in-house capability to perform this most fundamental task. But we learned how, and we learned well. We knew we NEEDED to know, and we learned it.

We do the right thing, and we do it now:

The “right” thing can mean many things. It can mean taking that extra minute to teach the end user a trick on how to organize their contacts when we were simply there to connect a printer. It can mean telling a user “no!” when they want us to do something risky, illegal or stupid. The customer is NOT always right. We strive to be. But that “now” bit… that’s important to note. We don’t want you to get approval, blessing or form a committee to do what you know is right. Just do it. Do the right thing. Fix that failing unit. Update that software. Point out that leak. Do it. Apologize for overstepping, don’t ask for permission to step.

We. Are. Awesome.

We rule. Seriously. This is a great tribe to be a part of. From regular in-office happy hours, mud runs, games, movies and common interests and hobbies, this is a rocking place to work. Unlike many companies, you can pick the music, talk to the boss, speak your mind, fiddle with whatever you want, get training, drink great coffee, join the gym with us, listen to great tunes on the turntable and play classic videogames. And also, stay committed to helping us make the place more awesome! We want your design aesthetic, your style to show up on the walls, your voice to be heard in making us even better.

We are Valiant.

Welcome to the tribe. Sharpen your axe. Phasers set to “medium rare”.

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