Spring Playlist

Valiant Spring Playlist 2017
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Spring is here! It’s a time when the days begin to get longer, the weather becomes more enjoyable, and the entire world just seems to come back to life after a long, gray, winter. There’s nothing like spending some time outside with some great music to get into that spring mood.

Unfortunately, we’re at our desks – but that hasn’t stopped us from creating a Spring Playlist on Spotify for everyone to enjoy. Each of the songs on our playlist were selected by members of the tribe, and we hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we do.

Also be sure to check out some of the reasons behind the selections we’ve made while you’re listening – they’re just below the playlist.

Thomas Clancy Jr.Thomas Clancy Jr.

Thomas Clancy Jr.

Never Can Tell, Chuck Berry

Respect your elders. The fallen will rise- and be renewed- to dine in Valhalla.

Georg DautermanGeorg Dauterman

Georg Dauterman

Where Eagles Dare, The Misfits

Where Eagles Dare personified the aggro-punk aesthetics of Lodi, NJ hometown hero Glenn Danzig. This song will pump you up if you’re feeling down or need to pick up some heavy ass shit.

Gene McMurrayGene McMurray

Gene McMurray

Gimme Chocolate, Baby Metal

Why did I choose this song? Because Gimme Chocolate is nuts.

Georg DautermanTara Giancaspro

Tara Giancaspro

Snakes (Langley), Matt Olsson

Folk concept album about a Cold War-era spy tryst. Action, romance, and a jangly guitar. What else do you need?

Gene McMurrayJames Durante

James Durante

Across 110th Street, Bobby Womack

Best. Song. Ever.

Matthew F. FoxMatthew F. Fox

Matthew F. Fox

Science Can’t Explain Magic, 100 Onces

Socal Math Rock that screams “come on, let’s go!”. Literally. Plus, I bet Neil Degrasse Tyson probably does hot yoga to this album. It’s just that good.

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